I am Tamara, a photographer, traveller and chocoholic from Slovenia (indeed the single most beautiful country in the world). I was born in a nomad family. We moved around quite a bit and travelled even more so, which is how I learnt early on that home is where your heart is. Currently for me that would be Argentina. Through enthusiastically exploring new places came the urge to save all those magnificent views, which is how I fell in love with photography. Naturally, I started taking pictures of landscapes, but very soon became addicted to portraits and catching moments … and never looked back again.

I am grateful to my loved ones who believe in me and support me (especially) when I'm walking on the edge – you see, I'm not always as brave as you might expect. I am also grateful to all of my clients who have trusted me and gave me the opportunity to do what I love the most.

As your wedding photographer I will tell your story as it unfolds in front of my lens. You can expect a quiet and respectful documentation; not to close, but never too far away.
As a family photographer you will never hear me say “cheese”. I will simply be there, playing and running, capturing your family flow, the interactions that occur, the spontaneity. Both jokes and tears. Life as you know it.

I give you this: the best photos occur effortlessly.

Get in touch: hello@tamarabizjak.com


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