My name is Tamára, with an accent on the second syllable, please ;). I used to be pretty sensitive about the pronunciation of my name, but once i turned thirty, I realized that this, like many other things in life, is quite irrelevant, and what really counts is being surrounded with the people I love best and following my heart even though it comes up with crazy ideas. well, what is or isn’t insane is another discussion altogether.

I am coming from the single most beautiful country in the world - Slovenia.
Four years ago, I packed an oversized backpack and headed east, alone. In Cambodia, I met him, my other half. Argentina really is half a world away, but love knows no borders so we are currently living in Buenos Aires.

I adore chocolate, Indian chai and my mom’s beef soup.
And Argentinian empanadas, asado and ice cream.
I always challenge myself to find the cheapest plane tickets, I am afraid of spiders and parallel parking really isn't my speciality.

Photography has been my companion since I was little – the upper shelf of the fridge in our house is reserved for rolls of film and the walls are decorated with photos from various travels. Somewhere along the way, I discovered graphic design and later got a bachelor’s degree in it, then I pursued my studies in photography.

So, I like looking at the world through a camera lens. I know it isn’t easy to be on the other side of it so I always try to make the shoot as relaxed as possible. I look for the light that caresses your cheek, the small gestures that speak volumes … intimacy, family. Whatever is most important to you.
Thank you for letting me in.



central america
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februar 2020

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